Iran visa fee for travel to Iran

Iran visa fee

Applying for an Iranian visa isn’t for free for most countries. The amount of money you have to pay depends on both visa type, and your nationality. Plеаѕе notice thаt non-Iranian debit/credit cards are nоt ассерtеd in Iran. Yоu nееd tо рау this fee in саѕh and іn EUR.You should consider the Iran visa costs also include these fees:

Fee to get your visa approval
You have two options to apply for your Iran visa online and get your Iran visa authorization code:

  1. Apply online directly on the Iran e-visa website: It is free, but takes 2 to 8 weeks.
  2. Apply online through an authorized travel agency: travel agencies would charge from 20 to even more than 60 euros for their services. Getting Iran Visa through travel agencies takes only 1-2 days

Fee paid directly to an Iranian Embassy/Consulate or visa office at the major Iranian international airports:
This fee varies and depends on your nationality, requested visa types, number of entries, and validity duration of your visa.

Travel Insurance Cost:
Besides the visa fee and also the service fee (if you are applying through an agency), you need to have valid insurance which mentions Iran clearly, otherwise, you need to buy one. But don’t worry, it is almost 14-20 euros and you can easily buy one at the airport or in advance through a travel agency.

Citizens from the following countries can enter Iran without Visa: Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Venezuela, Georgia, Bolivia, Malaysia, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Syria. Needless to say that the list might change in the future.

Which countries can travel to Iran without visa?

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